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In House Design & Remodeling


In House Design & Remodeling

We have an in-house team dedicated to your home’s listing preparations. Our full time designer and project manager, Renee, oversees every detail of your home’s updates whether it’s a minor paint touch up or a major remodel. As our lead for your home’s physical projects, she handles the job as soon as you give us the keys. Aside from creating the design, she also spearheads all of the planning to accommodate the budget and timeline you need.

We have vetted contractors and vendors that we work with closely and consistently in order to complete all of the home’s updates in an efficient manner. A trusted extension of our team, they’ve worked with us on several home improvement projects with a variety of timelines.

While our design team takes the lead with your home’s physical preparations, the rest of our team is here to be your point of contact. We’ll provide you with periodic updates and tentative timelines regarding other work that may occur such as inspections, cleanings, staging and more. We’re also available to assist you with personal preparations should you need resources for your move. We understand that the home selling process can be stressful and aim to make every bit of it seamless so you can be fully hands off.

If you’re unsure about whether to update your home or where to begin, we’ll provide you with all the guidance you need. We’ll sit down with you to go over your options and expectations, and answer any questions you may have . We’re also excited to share that all of our updated properties have proven to be great investments. Featured above is one of our prime examples in San Bruno’s Monte Verde neighborhood. We worked with a budget of $200k invested into the home’s remodel and put it on the market with an asking price of $1.688m. In just a week, the home was in contract and sold for $1.938m, an incredible $250k over asking.